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                   “What is the role of entrepreneurs?”


                        Problem Identification

               OBJECTIVES                                                             LESSON
               t Compare and contrast the functions of an entrepreneur and
                  an employee.                                                        t business
               t Analyze the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur.                  t dot-com company
               t Describe how entrepreneurs solve problems through products           t employee
                  or services.
                                                                                      t entrepreneur
                                                                                      t entrepreneurial
               NFTE Entrepreneurial Mindset Characteristic Focus
                                                                                      t entrepreneurship
                     Opportunity Recognition                                          t product
                                                                                      t reward
               National Entrepreneurship Standards
                                                                                      t risk
                t A.09 Describe entrepreneurial planning considerations
                                                                                      t serial entrepreneur
                t A.12 Assess risks associated with venture
                                                                                      t service
                t C.01 Explain the role of business in society
                t C.02 Describe types of business activities
                t F.01 Distinguish between economic goods and services

                t F.12 Explain the concept of organized labor and business
                t F.24 Determine factors affecting business risk

               Common Career Technical Core Standards

                t BM.3 Explore, develop and apply strategies for ensuring a
                   successful business career.
                t BM-HR.1 Describe and follow laws and regulations affecting
                   human resource operations.
                t CRP.1 Act as a responsible and contributing citizen and
                t CRP.3 Attend to personal health and financial well-being.

               National Entrepreneurship Standards:
               Career Competencies

                    H.02 Analyze employer expectations in the business

                                                                               Importance of Entrepreneurship   3
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