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PrinciPles of   PrinciPles of  PrinciPles of

 Applied Engineering  Applied Engineering

 Principles of Applied Engineering places your students in the driver’s seat
 as they explore the diverse fields of engineering through scenarios and
 group projects that engage them in the problem-solving process.

 •  Beginning with the first chapter, an engaging opening scenario
 and design task introduce critical problem-solving concepts and
 hands-on activities.
 • the chapters that follow help students explore and interact
 with the discipline, professional concepts, and various fields of
 engineering, including a broad range of associated technology.
 • a final chapter brings it all together with a scenario and engineering   Applied Engineering
 design task to help students demonstrate their learning and make
 informed career decisions.
 Design Activities and  Projects throughout the text engage students in
 hands-on practice with problem-solving, critical thinking, and application
 of chapter content, including robotic design, windmill power, chemical
 technology, and more.
 chapter design is streamlined to help make studying easier:

 • clear presentation of academic language throughout each chapter.
 • highly visual design, including color photos, line drawings, and
 bulleted lists, creates a clear, easy-to-read presentation.

 • one-column design and chunked content help students assess
 chapter content and grasp the scope of the chapter.
 • end-of-chapter review and assessment activities, such as vocabulary
 building, content review, knowledge application, and critical
 thinking questions, guide student learning and provide assessment


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