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                                                      Chapter 1  The Internet and World Wide Web
                                                                   The Internet and World Wide Web
        Identify a diagram of the Internet and its                 Before beginning to learn Dreamweaver CC it is a good idea to take a step back and
                                                                   really understand how the Internet and the World Wide Web work.
        reach around the world. You can use the
                                                                   The terms Internet and World Wide Web are used interchangeably today but the
        figure of the Internet on this page. If possible,   Synonymous  “Internet” is not a term synonymous with “World Wide Web.” The two are entirely
                                                       The same or equiva-
        display that to the students to visually stimu-  lent in meaning.  different entities but reliant on each other for global functionality, interactivity and
        late discussion on the chapter concepts.
                                                                   The Internet is a series of networks connected to each other by systems similar to
                                                                   our telephone networks: copper wires, fiber-optic cables, and wireless connections,
                                                                   as well as billions and millions of computers and connectivity hardware like servers,
        DISCUSS                                                    computers, routers, and modems make up the Internet. The Internet is the hard-
                                                                   ware backbone for the World Wide Web.
                                                                   The World Wide Web, often referred to as WWW or the Web, is the collection
        •  Have students discuss the diagram and the               of web resources, webpages and websites, e-mail, and applications that can be
                                                                   accessed online. The Web is made up of documents and other resources, such as
           Internet’s ability to link computer users               applications, videos, animations, and audio. These web resources are stored on
           from distinct locations and from around                 servers and accessible via a URL or web address like The
                                                                   Web runs on top of the Internet.
           the world.
        •  Ask students to brainstorm a list of
           benefits that such computer contact can
           bring to society.

        REVIEW THE
                                                                   Today, the Internet includes millions of servers and connection all over the globe.
        VOCABULARY                                                 The Internet: A Network of Networks

        Synonymous: The same or equivalent             WAN         The Internet connects people all over the world through a huge network of com-
                                                                   puter systems and servers. The U.S. government and university researchers began
                                                       Short for Wide Area
        in meaning.                                    Network, a WAN is a   the Internet to share information. Since then, it has turned into one of the most
                                                       network of comput-  exciting inventions in history.
        WAN: Short for Wide Area Network, a WAN        ers that covers a
                                                       large geographical   As more and more people use the Internet, the demand for user-friendly online
        is a network of computers that covers a large   area. Typically a   services has also grown and created new business opportunities. Additionally,
                                                       WAN includes both   electronic mail and instant messaging services have changed the way people meet
        geographical area. Typically a WAN includes    publicly and privately
                                                       owned networks.  and stay in touch with one another. People online can work together on projects in
        both publicly and privately owned networks.                different locations, sharing information as if they were in the same office.
                                                      8 LEARNING  WEB TECHNOLOGIES

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