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                                                               CHAPTER                   OVERVIEW

                                                                      1                  Section 1.1

                                                                                         Concepts and Terminology of a
                  COMPUTER                                                               Computer

                  PROGRAMMING AND                                                        Section 1.2
                                                                                         Exploring Careers and the
                  THE WORKPLACE                                                          Workplace

                                                                                         Section 1.3
                                                                                         Employability Skills

                  Objectives                                                             Chapter 1 Presents basic computer
                  Q  Understand basic computer terminology.                              terminology along with the hardware
                  Q  Understand the basic hardware and software components of a          and software components of a com-
                                                                                         puter. The chapter also explores the
                  Q  Identify job opportunities that require computer programming
                    skills.                                                              many different job opportunities of the
                  Q  Identify the necessary skills for a job in computer                 industry as well as the required skills.
                  Q  Understand the steps to problem solving.                            It also provides instruction on the
                  Q  Understand the definition of business ethics.
                                                                                         legal and ethical responsibilities in
                  Q  Distinguish between ethical and unethical business practices in
                    the information technology industry.                                 the field of information technology.
                  Q  Examine software copyright and licensing issues.                    Finally, the chapter provides multiple
                                                                                         student-centered activities for active



        Q   The Key Word List in each chapter includes common industry terms that assess
           the knowledge of the minimally qualified student. The list provides clarity to the
           most important concepts of the chapter.

        Q   Words in the text margin serve as an index in locating important concepts.
           Additionally, they can be used as supplemental concepts for discussion and
           assessment of student knowledge that may go beyond the depth of the minimally
           qualified student.

                                                           CHAPTER 1     Q  Computer Programming and the Workplace 1
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