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Learning Computers and Technology for Mathematics |             Database |   Activity 1

            KEY CONCEPTS

            Work with the Navigation Pane                       ■ To close the active object (that is, the one whose
                                                                   tab is on top), you can click the   to the far right
            ■ After the database file opens, you see the Access    of the tabs or you can right-click the tab and
               application window.                                 choose Close.
            ■ The Navigation Pane lists all the objects in the  ■ Tip: To close all objects at once, right-click a tab
               database. An object is a table, query, report, form,  and choose Close All.
               or other item that is used to display and manage  ■ Some databases, especially ones that were origi-
               the data.                                           nally created in earlier versions of Access, are set
                                                                   to display objects in overlapping windows rather
                     The Navigation Pane contains a                than with tabs.You can change a database’s
                    list of the objects in the database            behavior in this regard by opening the Access
                                                                   Options dialog box, selecting Current Database,
                                                                   and then choosing Tabbed Documents.You must
                                                                   then close and reopen the database file for the
                                                                   change to take effect.
                          Click here to collapse Navigation Pane
                                                                       Changing document window options

                                                                     Each object appears in a window

                                                                       Each object appears on a tab
            ■ In Access 2007, you can collapse the Navigation
               Pane by clicking the   button. When the
               Navigation Pane is collapsed, it appears as a thin
               bar along the left side of the screen. Click the bar to
               expand the Navigation Pane.

            Open and Close Objects in a Database                ■ In a database that is set to display objects in over-
                                                                   lapping windows, you can maximize or restore the
            ■ To open an object in the database, double-click it   object window as you would any other window.
               from the Navigation Pane. The object appears on a   When the window is maximized, its window con-
               tabbed page. When more than one object is open,     trols appear immediately below the window con-
               you can switch between objects by clicking the      trols for the Access window itself.
               desired tab.
            ■ Objects can be opened in different views. The     Move through a Datasheet or Form
               default view opens when you double-click the
               object; to select one of the other views, right-click  ■ When you open a table, data displays in a row and
               the object and select a view from the top of the    column format similar to a spreadsheet. Each col-
               menu that appears.                                  umn heading displays the caption or field name for
                                                                   the field, and each row contains all the information
                                                                   for a single record.

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