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Chapter 1 | Welcome to the Restaurant and Foodservice Industry

               Case Study   Climbing the Career Ladder: Which

                                       Path to Choose?

                        uring high school, Linda became fascinated with the hospitality
                   Dindustry. Her family took one summer vacation each year, so she
                   got to see a number of different parts of the United States. Although
                   she had little experience in foreign travel, she enjoyed watching both
                   travel and cooking shows on television. She particularly liked trying
                   out new recipes on her family.

                   After graduating college, Linda went to work as a host at a casual
                   dining restaurant. A year later, she accepted a position as a server at
                   the upscale By Land and By Sea Resort. Linda has been an employee
                   of BLBS for six years. After two years of serving and hosting at one

                   of the resort’s restaurants, she was promoted to assistant manager.
                   Linda likes dealing with both the customers and the front-of-the-
                   house employees and finds that she is good at helping to solve per-
                   sonnel problems.

                   However, Linda is no longer sure about her career path. She thinks
                   she would prefer to work somewhere that only does foodservice and
                   is thinking of leaving the BLBS. Before she makes this decision, she is
                   learning as much as she can about the foodservice industry.

                   As you read this chapter, think about the following questions:

                   1.   What would help Linda determine which segment of the hospitality
                       industry is a better match for her?

                   2.  What personality traits or skills would be useful in both segments?

                   3.  What other factors should Linda consider?

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