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Chapter 1 | Foundations of Restaurant Management & Culinary Arts

                    [professional profile]
                        Michael Santos VP of Operations and Human
                        Resources; Partner

                        Micatrotto  Restaurant  Group;  Raising  Canes  Chicken
                        Fingers, Las Vegas

                        “  The pursuit of excellence is more important than the
                                                              – Joe Micatrotto Sr.
                        Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my mom and grand-
                        mother in the kitchen. For some reason pots, pans, and
                        wooden  spoons  seemed  to  intrigue  me  slightly  more
                        than  my  GI-Joe  figures  and  cap  guns.  Don’t  get  me
                        wrong, I enjoyed those toys (and still have my cap guns),
                        but food always captured my attention. I just love to eat. So, I guess you could say
                        my passion for this industry began in my mother’s kitchen. Watching my mom and
                        grandmother prepare meal after meal after meal with laughter and joy, well, it just
                        seemed like a fun place to be. I love to prepare meals, bring people together, see
                        them enjoy it, and then have them leave the table with a smile.

                        I wanted to work and earn my own money, so I chose to apply to a local restaurant
                        at the age of 16. I was hired as a host, and that was the beginning. My goal was to
                        make sure that I delivered to the guest what my mom and grandmother delivered
                        to the family at every gathering: good food and an enjoyable atmosphere. I worked
                        my way through the ranks as host, buser, cook, server, trainer, and manager.
                        In this industry, I’ve found that working hard and being consistent are the strongest
                        forces moving you ahead. Have a goal in mind, and have your next goal ready and
                        waiting. Never be afraid to reach higher. Mistakes will happen; you just learn from
                        them and keep pushing forward. Challenge yourself!
                        I went on to work for a major Italian concept, also the recipient of Nation’s Restau-
                        rant News Hot Concepts Award in 1998. Buca di Beppo had a critical impact on
                        my career. I connected with several mentors there, two of whom I still work with
                        today at the Micatrotto Restaurant Group.

                        Having a passion for something means having a strong belief in its need and results.
                        As a server and restaurant manager, you quickly learn to serve guests. That’s the
                        job. But serving guests with sincerity and integrity makes a huge difference. At 21,
                        I became an assistant general manager at Buca di Beppo, simultaneously working
                        my way through college.

                        In 2004, I graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a B.S. in
                        Finance and a B.S. in Human Resource Management. Focused on career growth,
                        I decided to look into opportunities as a general manager of a restaurant. This
                        proved harder than expected, so I made a decision to leave restaurants in 2005

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