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Chapter 1 | Welcome to the Restaurant and Foodservice Industry

                  and become a director of operations and human resources for a manufacturing
                  company. Not my passion, but it aligned with what I had studied in college.

                  The harder I worked, the more I realized that I really belonged in foodservice in one
                  way or another. Food was at the heart of my inner core. It’s what drives me and
                  brings me satisfaction. Fortunately, as I came to this realization, my former mentors
                  from Buca di Beppo approached me. They had created a restaurant group and
                  asked me to join as a partner, responsible to help with the growth of Raising Canes
                  Chicken Fingers in Las Vegas.
                  I never forget that a guest will always want a good balance of great food and great
                  service. Without mastering both, your operation will struggle.

                  So, for those of you interested in this industry, I say: “Always stay positive and
                  believe in your abilities. Work hard to learn the proper way of doing a job and then
                  become the best at it!”

                  Welcome to the Restaurant and Foodservice Industry

                  The hospitality industry is all about serving your guests. If your focus is not set
                  on making a guest’s experience the best it can be, then you are missing what this
                  industry is about. Being passionate about your product and the service you provide
                  is what will make you successful.
                  Both your image and that of your company will speak for you days after you have
                  touched a guest. The simple things we take for granted often have the most impact
                  on a guest dining out. The simple greeting as soon as the guest arrives, the sincere
                  thank you, eye contact at the time of payment—all of these go a long way in making
                  a guest feel appreciated and valued.

                  The hospitality industry is about connecting with your guests and giving them what
                  they want and need once in your restaurant, hotel, or kitchen. It’s not about you,
                  not about the hours you work. It really is about the end result.

                  This takes some getting used to, and some people just find they aren’t cut out
                  for the industry. Others do not understand how important it is to WOW a guest. I
                  was fortunate to be born into a family who loved to cook, bake, and eat. And my
                  passion for service has allowed me to pursue my career. I will never stop seeking
                  achievement and I will understand that achievement does not necessarily focus
                  on you. The greatest achievements in this industry are often from those around
                  you—your crew and fellow partners.

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