Page 3 - Principles of Sustainability
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                                            UNIT 1     INTrodUCTIoN To sUsTaINabIlITy

               THe BIG Idea                 Think about your day so far. You probably washed and
                                            brushed your teeth, ate breakfast, and went to school. Maybe

                                            you checked your smartphone for texts. Have you ever thought
                                            about what goes into these routine activities? Where did the
                                            water you used to wash come from? What kind of fuel heated
                                            the water? Who grew the grain for your cereal? Your smart-
                                            phone seems completely removed from nature, but where did

                                            all of those components inside the phone come from?

                                            These seemingly ordinary activities are connected with the
                                            Earth, energy, plants and animals, and people all over the world.
                                            Sustainability is a way of thinking that allows us to get under the
                                            surface of things and see connections in enlightening and some-

                                            times surprising ways.

                   UNIT 1 selF-assessMeNT

                   Before beginning this unit, consider what you already know about sustainability by
                   completing this self-assessment. For each statement below, rate your current level of
                   confidence with understanding sustainability concepts.

                                                                         NOT      SOMEWHAT
                                                                     CONFIDENT    CONFIDENT   CONFIDENT

                    I am able to explain the basic definition            ❍            ❍           ❍
                    of sustainability.

                    I am able to describe each of the three pillars      ❍            ❍           ❍
                    of sustainability.

                    I am able to explain why sustainability has
                    become increasingly vital during the past            ❍            ❍           ❍
                    few decades.

                    I am able to describe any sustainability             ❍            ❍           ❍
                    programs that my school has implemented.

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