Page 5 - Principles of Sustainability
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                                            UNIT 1     INTrodUCTIoN To sUsTaINabIlITy

                                            1.2   The Three Pillars of


                                            The three pillars of sustainability are environment, social
                                            equity, and economics, also known as the three Es. Using the
                                            three pillars together provides the structure needed to make
                                            sustainable choices.

               BIOGEOCHEMICAL CYCLES        The environment includes the Earth and all its biophysical
               Cycles that describe the     components: oceans, atmosphere, soil, mountains, wetlands,
               movement of molecules, such   grasslands, deserts, forests, lakes, rivers, and biogeochemical
               as carbon or water, through
               earth systems, such as the   cycles, such as water, carbon, and nitrogen. To move toward a
               oceans, atmosphere, soils,   more sustainable future, people must understand and consider
               and rocks.                   the complex and delicate relationships between these various
                                            cycles and earth systems.

                                                                 healthy environment

                                                        vibrant economy        equitable society
                                                             The Three Pillars of Sustainability

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