Page 4 - Principles of Sustainability
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                                            UNIT 1     INTrodUCTIoN To sUsTaINabIlITy

                                                                 GROW YOUR KNOWLEDGE

                                                                 Consider the quote below:
                                                                 “We do not inherit the earth from our
                                                                 ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

                                                                 ~Native American Proverb
                                                Discuss the quote with a partner or as a class. What do
                                                you think the proverb means by “we borrow it from our
                                                children”? What do you think we are borrowing? Write
                                                your answers and submit them to your teacher.

                                            Essential Concept

                                            By thinking about sustainability, we are able to understand
                                            the connections between seemingly disconnected elements in
                                            new ways.

                                            1.1  What is Sustainability?

               SUSTAINABILITY               Sustainability is a way of life. It changes how people think
               The ability to be maintained   and act in business, government, and everyday activities.
               at a certain rate or level. In   Often people think of sustainability as the protection of the
               environmental science, it
               means avoiding the deple-    environment. Although this is an important element of sustain-
               tion of natural resources in   ability, it is only part of the concept.
               order to maintain an ecologi-  The Earth Charter, an ethical framework for building a just,
               cal balance.
                                            sustainable, and peaceful society in the 21  century, defines
                                            sustainability as, “A global society founded on respect for
               UNITED NATIONS
               An international organi-     nature, universal human rights, economic justice, and a culture
               zation formed in 1945 to     of peace.” Initially started by the United Nations, the Earth
               increase political and eco-  Charter was carried forward and completed by a global civil
               nomic cooperation among      society initiative. It is currently supported by over 6,000 orga-
               member countries.
                                            nization around the world, including many governments.

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