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               38                                                                          Chapter 3     Why We Work

                                                 Examining Lifestyle Goals and Factors

                                                                      Does a clinical laboratory technician earn enough money
                                                                       to afford a vacation home? How many hours a week
                                                                        does an agricultural inspector spend on the job? Is a
                                                                        hotel clerk expected to work nights and weekends?
                                                                         Does a sales representative travel a lot?

                                                                         The career you choose helps determine the lifestyle
                                                                        you will achieve, and your lifestyle might impact the
                                                                        career you choose. Recall that your lifestyle is the way
                                                                       you think and behave every day. Your lifestyle is the way
                                                                      you reflect personal values, standards, and attitudes in
                                                                      your life.
                                                                         If you value expensive items such as designer clothes,
                                                                         you might choose a career because it pays a high
                                                                         If you value time with your family, you might choose
                                                                         a career with a flexible schedule, even if it pays less
                                                                         than other jobs.

                                                                     You can consider lifestyle factors such as location, salary,
                                                                    education, time, and environment when you choose a
                                                 career. You can also set goals for the way you want to live your life and the things
                                                 you want to have in life as part of your career plan.

                                                 What Are Lifestyle Factors?

                                                 The things about your job that affect the way you live your life are lifestyle
                                                 factors. There are five basic lifestyle factors you might want to consider when you
                                                 are making decisions about the career that will be right for you.
                                                  1 1.. Location. Where do you want to live? Do you want to be near your family? Do
                                                     you want to live in the mountains or near the ocean? Do you prefer a city, the
                                                     country, or the suburbs?
                                                  2 2.. Salary. How much money do you think you must earn to pay for your needs
                                                     and wants? Are you willing to work for less money to achieve other goals,
                                                     such as more free time or less work-related stress?
                                                  3 3.. Education. How many years are you willing to spend in school? Would you be
                                                     happy taking classes at night while you work during the day? Would you be
                                                     willing to earn less money while you train on the job?

                                                  4 4.. Time. How many hours a week do you want to spend at work? Would you
                                                     work at night or on weekends? Would you mind being on-call, which means
                                                     being available at any time to cope with emergencies? Do you want to work
                                                     part-time, even if it means earning less money?
                                                  5 5.. Environment. What type of space do you want to be in? Do you like sitting at
                                                     a desk? Do you want to be outdoors? What type of people do you want to
                                                     work with? Do you need windows in your office? Do you like to dress in a suit
                                                     or do you prefer casual clothes?
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