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               40                                                                          Chapter 3     Why We Work

                                                  H Hooww  LLoonngg  IIss  YYoouurr
                                                  Woorrkk  WWeeeekk??
                                                  A work week is the number of hours you work per week. How do you think
                                                  the length of a work week affects your lifestyle? How might it affect the
                Are Your Lifestyle                employer’s business, as well as the economy?
                Goals Realistic?
                                                  In the United States, the number of hours an employee works is set by the
                Like career-related goals,        employer and agreed to by the employee. Typically, a full-time employee works
                lifestyle goals should be realis-  8 hours a day, 5 days a week, which equals a 40-hour work week.
                tic. While you might choose to    In France, most employees work a 35-hour work week. In South Korea, they
                aim high, it is important that    work 44 hours per week.
                you believe your goals are
                attainable, which means that      Make a chart comparing the typical work-week hours in three or four countries
                you have the skills and           around the world. Use the Internet or the library to find the information.
                resources to achieve them. Are
                the following goals realistic and
                attainable, or not?

                    Work 10 hours a week         Recognizing Needs vs. Wants
                    and earn a $1,000,000.00
                    annual salary                                        When you say that you absolutely, positively need a
                                                                          new video game, you’re wrong. You might want a
                    Live in a mansion and be
                                                                           new video game. But you don’t need it.
                    named the NBA’s most
                    valuable player for three                                     A need is a something you can’t live
                    years in a row                                                without.
                    Study hard to become a                                        A want is something you desire.
                    doctor and open your own
                                                                                Humans need certain basic items in order to
                    medical practice
                                                                                 survive. We want things to improve our
                    Enlist in the United States                                  quality of life, or to achieve a certain
                    Air Force, learn to fly jet                                   lifestyle. Our wants and needs and how we
                    planes, and then travel the                                    achieve them influence the career deci-
                    world as a commercial pilot                                     sions that we make.
                    Attend cosmetology school
                    and get a job as a stylist at
                    a salon in a city            Why Do Needs and Wants Matter?
                Knowing you can achieve your     Wanting or needing something can be a powerful motivator, which means it can
                lifestyle goals will help you    encourage you to set goals and make decisions. Recall that a goal is a plan to
                work hard and stay on track.     obtain something. Goals help you focus on what is really important to you and
                What lifestyle goals do you have  what you are willing to work for. When you know what you need and what
                that might influence your        you want, you can use goals to get those things. (There’s more about goals in
                career plans?                    Chapter 6.)

                                                 For example, wanting a red convertible can motivate you to set a goal.
                                                    You study hard in school so you become qualified for a career.
                                                    The career brings you personal satisfaction as well as a good salary.
                                                    You earn enough to pay for your needs and save to buy the car you want.
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