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                    Why We Work       Chapter 3                                                                          39

                                      Career Fact

                                      About 80% of the U.S. population lives in urban areas
                                      (cities) while about 20% lives in rural areas (the country-

                    Setting Lifestyle Goals

                    Lifestyle goals are the things you want in life such as a family, where
                    you want to live, how much money you have, and how much free
                    time you have for friends, sports, and other activities that you enjoy.

                       You might want to live in the mountains and spend as much
                       time as possible out of doors. You might consider a career in
                       You might want to have children and be available in the after-
                       noons when they get home from school. You might consider a
                       career in part-time sales.

                       You might want to have enough money to travel, even if it means
                       working many hours between trips. You might consider a career
                       such as corporate lawyer or surgeon.
                    Selecting a career path that gives you the opportunity to achieve
                    your lifestyle goals will make you a happier, more satisfied person.

                    Making Trade-Offs

                    When you make decisions about your lifestyle and career plans, you
                    may have to make trade-offs. A trade-off is a compromise, or giving
                    up one thing in order to get something else.

                    You might want to be a social worker helping young adults in New York City. You  Why do you think a career that
                    might also want to live in a house with a backyard. Houses in New York City are  matches your lifestyle goals
                    very expensive, and social workers typically do not earn very high salaries. What  will be more enjoyable and
                    trade-off could you make?                                                  satisfying?
                       You could choose to rent an apartment in the city, and put off the goal of living
                       in a house with a backyard.
                       Or, you could choose to live in a less expensive community outside the city.
                       You would have a long commute to work, but you would be able to afford a
                       house with a backyard.
                    Focusing on the things that are most important to you and setting priorities can
                    help you make the best decisions. You can use the decision-making process
                    described in Chapter 6 to consider all possible options and the consequences of
                    each option. Then, choose the option that helps you achieve your career goals and
                    your lifestyle goals.
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