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        Activity  1


        Practice Activity

                     Technology Overview             If you were picking out a book for a four-year-old
                     child, what kind of book would you choose? To hold a child’s interest, you’d probably
                     need plenty of colorful pictures to go along with the words, right? Well, the same
                     holds true for electronic media audiences of all ages. Colorful graphics and photo-
                     graphs help to capture the person’s attention. In this activity, you will use presentation
                     software to create a slide show and add several scanned images to enhance the
                     appearance and interest of your presentation.
                     Content Overview            Have you ever read someone’s biography? It’s the
                     story of a person’s life. Bio means life, and graph means to write. It’s a very popular lit-
                     erary genre, especially when the subject is someone famous. Most often, biographies
                     include information about the person’s background, interests and achievements. In
                     this activity, you will create a multimedia biography of professional golfer Tiger
                     Woods. You will include background information about him as well as photographs
                     and other related images.


        Active slide The slide currently selected or dis-   Slide design A set of coordinated formatting set-
           played.                                             tings that you can apply to one or more slides.
        Clip art Files such as pictures, sounds, and videos  Slide layout Prearranged sets of placeholders for
           that you can insert into an Office document.        various types of slide content.
        Font A set of characters with a specific size and   Slide timing A setting that controls the amount of
           style.                                              time a slide displays on the screen.
        Handouts Printed copies of the presentation for the  Theme A set of coordinated formatting settings that
           audience to refer to during and after the slide show.  you can apply to one or more slides.
        Normal view PowerPoint’s default view that dis-     Title slide A slide layout set up for entering a title
           plays the Slide pane, the Notes pane, and the       and a subtitle.
           Slides/Outline pane.
                                                            Transitions The visual effects used when one slide
        Placeholders Designated areas in PowerPoint lay-       moves off of the screen and another moves onto the
           outs that can be used to easily insert text, graphics,  screen.
           or multimedia objects.
        Presentation A set of slides or handouts that
           contains information you want to convey to an

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