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Learning Computers and Technology |          Language Arts: Presentation Graphics |  Activity 1

            KEY CONCEPTS

            Create a Presentation from a Blank                  Add Slides to a Presentation
                                                                ■ Use the New Slide button to add a slide to a pres-
            ■ When PowerPoint starts, it displays a single blank   entation.
               title slide you can use to start a new           ■ New slides are inserted after the active slide.
                                                                ■ When the title slide is active, PowerPoint inserts a
            ■ You can add slides, content, and formatting to cre-  slide with the Title and Content slide layout.
               ate a presentation.
                                                                ■ Otherwise, PowerPoint inserts a slide that has the
            ■ If you are already working in PowerPoint and need    same layout as the active slide.
               to create a new blank presentation, you can do so
               using the New Presentation dialog box.
                                                                Change a Slide Layout
            Work with Placeholders                              ■ To change the layout for a slide, click the down
                                                                   arrow on the New Slide button to display a gallery
            ■ PowerPoint displays placeholders to define the       of slide layout choices.
               arrangement and location of text and other objects
               you can add to slides.
                                                                Apply a Theme or Slide Design
            ■ Different types of slides in a presentation have dif-
               ferent types of placeholders.                    ■ In PowerPoint 2007, you use themes to automati-
            ■ For example, some placeholders are designed for      cally apply a coordinated set of colors, fonts, back-
               inserting a bullet list, some for inserting title text,  ground graphics, and effects to slides.
               and some for inserting content such as a table, a  ■ In PowerPoint 2003, you use a slide design to
               chart, or a picture.                                automatically apply a coordinated set of colors,
            ■ To insert text in a placeholder, click inside the    fonts, and background graphics.
               placeholder and begin typing.                    ■ After you apply a theme or slide design, you can
            ■ To create a bulleted list, press ® at the end of     customize the formatting.
               the line; PowerPoint automatically formats each line  ■ For example, you can change the font or color
               with bullet list formatting.                        scheme.
            ■ When you click the placeholder, PowerPoint selects
               the box with a dashed outline, displays sizing han-  Adjust Line Spacing
               dles you can use to resize the placeholder, and dis-
               plays a blinking insertion point that shows where  ■ Adjust spacing between bulleted items in a list or
               text will appear when typed.                        lines in a paragraph to make text easier to read or
                                                                   to control space on a slide.
                        Type text in a placeholder
                                                                ■ The default line spacing is 1 line, but you can
                                                                   change it to 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, and so on.
                                                                ■ With the insertion point in a single paragraph in a
                                                                   placeholder, the new line spacing option applies
                    Selection outline
                                                                   only to that paragraph. To adjust line spacing for all
                                                                   items in a placeholder, select them or select the
                                             Insertion point


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