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Add Slide Transitions                               PowerPoint Views

        ■ PowerPoint provides a long list of transitions that  ■ In addition to Normal view, PowerPoint offers:
           you can use to control the way one slide moves off   ● Slide Sorter view displays the entire presenta-
           the screen and the next slide move on during a         tion in large thumbnails so you can easily iden-
           presentation.                                          tify slides to add, delete, and rearrange. This
        ■ You can also add a sound effect to accompany the        view is also useful for adding transitions to a
           transition.                                            number of slides at once.You cannot edit con-
        ■ There are three transition speeds: Slow, Medium,        tent in this view.
           or Fast.                                             ● Slide Show view displays one slide at a time
        ■ In addition, you can set the slide timing to            using the full monitor size, displaying the slide as
           advance each slide on a mouse click—the                it would be displayed if projected in a slide show.
           default—or automatically based on a specific time      This view is useful for checking slide elements
           lapse.                                                 and making sure animations work as desired.
        ■ Transitions can affect the active slide only, or all  ■ To switch to either of these views, use the View but-
           slides in the presentation.                         tons toward the right side of the status bar.

                                                                 View buttons let you quickly change views
        Insert Clip Art
                                                                      Normal view           Slide Show view
        ■ You can insert clip art into your presentations.
        ■ Clip art files include pictures, sounds, and videos                   Slide Sorter view
           created in different programs—but fully supported
           and editable in your Office programs.
                                                            Preview and Print a Presentation
        ■ You can insert clip art into a placeholder or any-
           where on a slide.                                ■ You can print slides or handouts to have your
        ■ You can insert clip art using the Clip Art task pane,  presentation on paper.
           or you can insert a picture from a file, which is use-  ■ You can select printing options in the Print dialog
           ful when you know where a particular clip art file is  box.
                                                            ■ For example, you can choose:
        ■ If you insert clip art into a placeholder, it is auto-  ● Which slides to print and number of copies to
           matically sized and positioned.
        ■ Otherwise, you can drag a picture to move it to a     ● What material (slides, notes pages, handouts, or
           new location.
                                                                  outline) to print.
        ■ You can also use the mouse to resize a graphic by     ● Whether to print in grayscale, color, or black and
           dragging a handle.
                                                                ● If handouts are to be printed, how many slides
                                                                  per page and the order in which the slides dis-
                                                                  play on the page.
                                                            ■ Use Print Preview to select printing options similar
                                                               to those in the Print dialog box, and see them
                                                               before printing.

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